Theatrical Props and Costuming


With industry grade equipment and a full staff of talented and skilled hair artists, sculptors, painters, mold makers, and costumers, we provide theatrical props to production teams all over the world. Our theatrical props and costuming services provide you with realistic and safe items for actors and actresses to use no matter the stunts they are required to perform.

When you need theatrical props and costuming for your production, we have you covered with capabilities such as:

  • Silicone props (body parts, dummies, creature skins)
  • Foam latex props
  • Fiberglass and resin castings
  • Custom breakaway items (glass, foam, fabricated props)
  • Actor-safe hazard illusions (foam weapons, rubber glass)
  • Soft and rigid foam parts
  • Cold-cast metals
  • Costume elements (masks, gloves, wardrobe accessories, foam creature suits)
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