Design and Consultation

We employ some of the best designers and developers in the industry and can help you take your vision to the next step. We provide designing, sketching, prototyping, and other related services to help you bring your character to life.

Theatrical Props and Costuming

As a fully-equipped and fully-staffed prop shop, we can produce any theatrical prop you could possibly need. Our staff is trained to create props that will survive the demands of the theater and film with ease.

Custom Silicone Masks

Whether you need a creature of your own design to come to life or want an altered version of a mask already made, we are the team for you. With our custom mask service, we will produce a character that is based on your specifications so you are ready for any haunt, event, film, or other project.

Mold Making

Considering our line of work, it is no surprise that mold making is our specialty. From custom prop molds to molds for architectural reproduction, we are equipped and experienced in creating a variety of molds.

Medical Devices and Simulation

As a multifaceted company, Composite Effects services many industries including the medical industry. Our manufacturing process lends itself to creating medical-grade devices, simulators, and models that professionals can rely on with confidence.

Special Makeup Effects

For those who need a professional application of appliances, gore effects, or masks, we offer extensive final-makeup application services. We can create and apply any effect you need for film, theater, event, or haunt productions.