About Composite Effects

Composite Effects is the all-knowing, mask-making guru of the world. We have been around for a good fifteen years and needless to say; we know what we are doing. We have signed with the big wigs, we have won the awards, and we are still here making the sickest stuff in the market.

Composite Effects History Lesson

We started up the company and founded the silicone mask industry in 2006 as a two-man crew. From there, we branched out and made a name for ourselves. Now we are recognized as the top silicone mask company out there and are a strong team of 30 employees who each have highly specialized skill sets.

Our impressive resume boasts work with movies such as 2 Guns (Universal Pictures) and licensing deals with Game of Thrones (HBO), Universal’s Classic Monsters (NBC Universal) Marvel, Clive Barker and Troma. We are not stopping there either. We always have something up our sleeves and are constantly looking for new opportunities.

What you Need to Know

As founders of the silicone mask industry, we know the right and wrong ways to make masks, gloves and props. We build masks to show emotion and become a second-skin while we continue to innovate the industry with top-notch techniques and standards.

We stand above the competition because we have years of experience in crafting quality masks. We brainstorm and engineer designs that are straight out of your nightmares and on top of it all, provide unbeatable customer service.