Why Choose CFX


It’s not rocket science; we make the best silicone masks and props because we have the following four qualities on lock down.



Experience comes with practice, which we have plenty of because we have been in the game longer than anyone else. Our highly trained artists and technicians consider every detail so a mask works in any environment. Whether the mask is for a film, haunt attraction, stage show, theme park, convention, or Halloween, it will perform like a dream.


Everything, and we mean everything is done in-house at Composite Effects. From design to development, we quality control the crap out of our products so all you get is the most durable and high-quality masks imaginable.

Creativity & Craftsmanship

Our designers revel in crafting masks of horror and realism and work to bring you the stuff of nightmares daily. Pair that enthusiasm with years of research and carefully selected materials, and you get master craftsmanship. The end result for you is masks that perform flawlessly and look fantastic.


Unbeatable Customer Service

Selling the best masks is not enough in our books. We also back our products and help you choose the best product for your needs or design one especially for you. If you can think of it, we can make it.

Products that are Ridiculously Engineered for Comfort and Durability

Our masks are not made out of paper, and we are not in the game of throwing things at the wall and hoping it sticks. No, we are mask scientists over here. We have measured and tested material thickness again and again until we obtained perfection.

The result? Lightweight masks that have maximum strength and flexibility. In other words, stretch away friend, because our strategically reinforced stress areas reduce the risk of tearing. That optimal thickness also allows for realistic facial movement and good heat release so you can run around in your mask for hours in comfort.

The Devil is in the Anatomically Correct Detail

There is no need to worry about the fit or look because all of our masks and props are engineered for scale and optimal anatomical placement. The masks will mold to your features so well that each of your refined movements will be translated and expressed to show the exact emotion you want in the mask of your choice. The props will convince anyone you have the real deal.