We specialize in custom projects

Email us at info@compositeeffects.com to request a fully custom mask!

When you have an idea for a character that will shake the very bones of mask enthusiasts everywhere, a custom silicone sculpt is just for you. Having your own design or idea that pushes the limits is just fine with us. When nothing in our current line-up quite meets your needs, we are here to help you make your vision a reality.

From providing beginning concept sketches and advice to helping render and sculpt your already perfected design, we are here to help you bring your mask idea to life. We have produced custom silicone masks for individuals and haunt owners alike both, in bulk and as single mask orders. We love helping you take your project from the drawing board to reality by listening to your specifications.

Go ahead and ask for a character so evil that it eats demons for breakfast, or a creature so strange it will shove uncanny valley off a cliff. We have you covered with custom design services.

If you want some minor customizations to a mask we already have, we can help you out with that too. Boot the standard mythical creatures back to wherever they came from by adding some extra horns that will shock all that see you. Add some brains to a zombie that will make all the other zombies jealous. The choice is yours!