Mold Making


Making masks, gloves, and props takes some serious mold making chops. At CFX, we have professional mold makers on staff that have tons of experience and who employ a variety of mold making techniques. They create world-class molds for a variety of needs on a daily basis and are always ready to produce more.

From prop castings to architectural reproductions, we have created molds for many different industries. Our skill knows no bounds, and we are always happy to produce molds for specific purposes. Our common sculpting requests include but are not limited to:

  • Silicone matrix molds for resin and fiberglass systems
  • Polyurethane molds for gypsum and concrete
  • Alginate and silicone life casting for custom appliances and prosthetics
  • Ultracal/stone molds for latex casting
  • Fiberglass and composite molds
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